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Economic Developments and Prospects


Looking Ahead After A Year in TransitionLooking Ahead after a Year in Transition

The report focuses on the economic developments and short-term outlook for four MENA economies – Tunisia, Egypt, the Republic of Yemen and Libya. These four countries are given special attention because each of them experienced a revolution and a major political change in 2011 and is undergoing a process of political transition toward democracy. The sudden change had important economic consequences

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Enabling Employment Miracles

The report says oil Exporters in the Middle East and North Africa region will receive an anticipated 2 percent boost and achieve a rate of 5.4 percent in 2012

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Executive Summary (Arabic) 
Executive Summary (French) 

Blog: Enabling employment miracles 

TreeEconomic Development Prospects: Investing for Growth and Jobs 

The new regional economic outlook for the region foresees an improvement compared to its last forecast in May, 2011. The Report predicts an average growth of 4.1 percent in 2011 and 3.8 percent in 2012.




Regional Economic Outlook: MENA Facing Challenges and Opportunities 

The report foresees opportunities to reshape the economic playing field to include greater openness and citizen participation. MENA could witness a significant boost to growth in the medium term if transitions are strongly managed. 

EDP 2011Sustaining the Recovery and Looking Beyond: A Regional Economic Developments and Prospects Report, January 2011
The impact of the global financial and economic crisis on the Middle East and North Africa region was relatively mild. Lack of integration and a large public sector helped insulate the region to some extent, but now these and other factors are slowing down the speed of its economic recovery. The report Middle East and North Africa: Sustaining the Recovery and Looking Beyond examines the major factors threatening the recovery and those that obstruct long-term growth—especially non-oil export growth. The report focuses on non-oil export growth as despite some progress in the past decade net exports contributed little to regional growth, and nonoil exports of goods and services remain below potential for the region as a whole.

 sustainingrecoverypix                                         Sustaining the Recovery in Times of Uncertainty: A Regional Economic Outlook

While the region is recovering, the pace has been less vigorous than the recovery in other developing regions.  Growth in the region is expected to average 4% in 2010, an increase of slightly less than 2 percentage points over growth in 2009.

Economic UpdateRecovering from the Crisis: A Regional Economic Update (April 2010) 

Growth in 2010 is expected to be 4.4 percent region-wide, driven by domestic absorption as well as a positive contribution from external demand.
The recovery from the crisis differs by country depending on initial conditions and the intensity of the impact via the three principal channels through which the global financial crisis affected MENA economies - the financial sector, the price of oil, and the balance of payments, reflecting the impact on trade, remittances and FDI flows.

EDP2009 EDP: Navigating through the Global Recession 

The impact of the
 The impact of the global economic environment and MENA countries’ responses  to the initial impact of the food-fuel-financial crises. This 2009 EDP reviews the implication of the  triple food-fuel-financial crisis of 2007-08 for MENA economies.
The crisis which led to the first global recession since World War II, is impacting MENA countries and compounding the impact of the generalized rise in commodity prices that peaked in mid-2008.

EDP2008PIXRegional Integration for Global Competitiveness  

The thematic focus of  this year’s report is intra-regional integration. This is viewed not just as a set of preferential trade agreements but also as a means to foster the flow of labor, capital and investment.  The report suggests the adoption of a paradigm of open regionalism in which regional preferences would be used as stepping stones towards greater integration with the global economy.

EDPJob Creation in an Era of High Growth 

The region has demonstrated strong economic performance, driven to a large degree by high oil prices and a favorable global environment, but also by reform policies that while gradual are in general on the right track.


Financial Markets in a New Age of Oil 

This issue highlights the recent key economic developments as well as the forces underlying the region's economic outcomes. It analyzes the region's medium term growth prospects given global forecasts, and charts the region’s progress with implementing comprehensive structural reforms needed for longer-term growth.


Oil Booms and Revenue Management 

The report analyzes the region’s short-term growth prospects given global forecasts and current structural features of the economies, as well as the region’s prospects for longer-term growth based upon progress in implementing comprehensive structural reforms.

Global Economic Prospects 2010: Crisis, Finance, and Growth 





















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