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OCT 09

Arab World Initiative - 2009 Annual Meeting Seminar

Speech: Regional Economic Integration in the Arab World by Shamshad Akhtar

Agenda (pdf)  |  Brochure (pdf) 
MAY 09Water in the Arab World

Water in the Arab World : Management Perspectives and Innovations

Report (pdf)
APR 09

Global Financial Crisis and MENA

Q&A on the Global Financial Crisis and MENA

APR 09Food Security in MENA

Food Security in the Middle East and North Afirca

APR 09World Bank Support for the MENA Region

Strategic Directions of the World Bank in Support of the MENA Region (pdf)

APR 09

Palestinian Water Sector

Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development

Full Report (pdf)

MAR 09Job Mobility in the MENA

"Shaping the Future" : A Long-Term Perspective of People and Job Mobility in the MENA

Full Report

FEB 09Global Financial Crisis and Arab Countries

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Arab Countries 

APR 09Solid Waste Sector in Morocco

Morocco Municipal Solid Waste Sector Development Policy Loan

Project Profile

MAR 09Investment Climate in MENA

Investment Climate in the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East

Press Release

DEC 08Global Economic Prospects 2009 for MENA

Global Economic Prosepcts 2009 for the Middle East and North Africa

Press Release


NOV 08Urban Challenges in the MENA Region

Feature Story


OCT 08Strategy to Address Climate Change in the MENA Region

Feature Story

Climate Change Website


SEP 08

Strengthening MENA's Trade and Investment Links with China and India

Full Report

Questions & Answers

Press Release

SEP 08Doing Business 2009

Doing Business 2009 : Reforms Continue to Make it Easier to do Business in MENA

MENA Regional Rankings

MENA Regional Profile
Press Release
AUG 08

Dealing with Water Scarcity in MENA

Feature Story

Making the Most of Scarcity (Report)
MENA Water brief
JUL 08

MENA Economic Developments and Prospects 2008


Questions & Answers

Full Report

JUN 08Food Crisis in MENA

Feature Story

Questions & Answers

APR 08Schistosomiasis in Yemen

Cooperation is Key to Ending Schistosomiasis in Yemen

Yemen: Health Reform Support Project

MAR 08World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR)

World Bank’s GGFR: Middle East Should Join Global Efforts in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Gas Flaring

Energy Efficiency in MENA

FEB 08Education Report

Globalization Requires Education Reforms in Middle East and North Africa, Report Says

The Road Not Traveled : Education Reform in the Middle East and North Africa

Questions & Answers

Country focus:   Egypt | Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria

FEB 08

West Bank & Gaza Telecom

Israel and PA Need to Open Palestinian Telecom Sector to Competition

Report (272k pdf)

JAN 08Pension Reform

MENA Countries Eye Pension Reform to Avert Funding Crisis

Pensions in the Middle East and North Africa: Time for a Change

Regional Conference on Pension Reforms in the Middle East and North Africa

DEC 07Climate Change
Water is the Focus of Climate Change in MENA
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa Region
DEC 07Women Entrepreneurs

Female Entrepreneurs in Middle East and North Africa Defy Expectations

Environment for Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region
DEC 07Youth and the MDGs
Young People and the UN Millennium Development Goals in the Arab World
DEC 07

Doing Business 2008 : Subnational Reports

Doing Business in Egypt 2008: First Subnational Report Shows How Egypt's Improving Business Climate Extends to Governorates (Press Release)

Country reports:   Egypt | Morocco

OCT 07Diabetes in MENA
Regional Conference on Diabetes Calls for Action to Address a Diabetes Epidemic in MENA
Obesity and Diabetes - Emerging Major Health Care Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (PDF)
AUG 07Doing Business 2008
Improved Rankings for the MENA Region

MENA Regional Rankings

MENA Region Profile (pdf)
AUG 07Poverty and Health
In Focus: Poverty and Health in MENA

Poverty Newsletter (August 2007)

FEB 07Gender Issues in Jordan
Government of Jordan committed to women’s political and economic empowerment

Country Gender Assessment: The Economic Advancement of Women in Jordan(PDF)


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