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Shaping the Future : A Long-Term Perspective of People and Job Mobility for the Middle East and North Africa

Shaping the Future
Shaping the Future : A Long-Term Perspective of People and Job Mobility for MENA

March 16, 2008 - The study is about global labor and job mobility (that is migration and outsourcing) with a focus on Europe and MENA. It looks at long term global demographic and labor force developments to assess which parts of the world will experience aging populations and major declines in their labor force and which will see an expansion. The analysis indicates that there will be large demographic and labor force imbalances which may lead to a sharp acceleration of job and labor mobility in the future. The study derives the policy implications including education and skills development, migration and outsourcing and social protection policies and develops a policy framework for both labor sending and receiving countries. The study warns that for a variety of reasons and in particular the timeframe for skills development, both sending and receiving countries need to start preparing and collaborating now in order to be able to weather future imbalances.

Press Material

 Press Release in English, French & Arabic 

Shaping the Future : A Long-Term Perspective of People and JobMobility for the Middle East and North Africa

Overview available in English  (51Kb, PDF), French  (55Kb pdf), Arabic (292Kb pdf)

 Complete Report as One File    (1.3Mb, pdf)  ; Available in French (2.8Mb, pdf) 


Table of Contents & Overview (23Kb, pdf) 


Ch. 1: Introduction  (33Kb, pdf)


Ch. 2: People and Job Mobility in the MENA Region   (241Kb, pdf)


Ch. 3: Demand and Supply Framework  (707Kb, pdf)


Ch. 4: Migration in the Long Term: The Outlook for the Next Generations  (141Kb, pdf)

 •   Ch.5: A Conceptual Framework for Policy Makers   (300Kb, pdf) 


Annex and References    (209Kb, pdf)

Background Papers


Migration from MENA to OCED Countries: Trends, Determinants, and Prospectsby Flore Gubert and Christophe J. Nordman     (5.4 Mb, pdf)


Prospects for Management of Migration between Europe and the Middle East and North Africa : Demographic Trends, Labor Force Projections, and Implications for Policies of Immigration, Labor Markets, and Social Protection by Johannes Koettl      (7.7 Mb, pdf)


Labor Migration in the Middle East and North Africa A View from the Region by Georges Corm     (1.5 Mb, pdf)


Migration from Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia Synthesis of Three Case Studies by Christophe Schramm    (391Kb, pdf)

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