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Environment for Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region

ReportThis report is about how women entrepreneurs can contribute more to the quality and direction of economic and social development in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Economic growth in the Middle East has been remarkable over the last four years, due mainly to higher oil prices. Rapid job growth has followed, driven mainly by the private sector. Yet the region still faces two important challenges: the first is to create better jobs for an increasingly educated young workforce; the second is to diversify its economies away from the traditional sectors of agriculture, natural resources, construction, and public works and into sectors that can provide more and better jobs for young people—sectors that are more export oriented, labor intensive, and knowledge driven.

That can be achieved only by more innovative and diverse investors. In this, the private sector must play an even bigger role than in the past.

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The Environment for Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region




Complete Report available in English (763 Kb, pdf), Arabic  (785 Kb pdf), French (426 Kb pdf) 



Foreward available in  English  (18 Kb, pdf), Arabic (52 Kb pdf), French (43 Kb pdf)



Table of Contents (85 Kb, pdf)



Overview  (244 Kb, pdf)



Ch. 1: The Middle East’s Economic Challenges (261Kb, pdf)



Ch. 2: Female-owned firms defy the expected (305 Kb, pdf)



Ch. 3: Investment climate barriers to female-owned firms (269 Kb, pdf)



Ch. 4: Is it more difficult to start female-owned firms?    (292 Kb, pdf) 



Ch. 5: How to boost female entrepreneurship    (100 Kb, pdf) 



Appendix A Perceptions and Female Employment: Methodology and Empirical Results (248 Kb, pdf)



Appendix B Business Laws in Middle Eastern and North African Countries     (292 Kb, pdf)



References  (138 Kb, pdf)

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