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Pensions in the Middle East & North Africa : Time for Change


As has happened elsewhere in the world, pension systems in the Middle East and North Africa countries today are at a crossroads. With serious problems ahead in terms of limited coverage, fragmented administration and system design that harm economic efficiency and equity, the financial equilibrium of most pension schemes in the region is under threat. Yet, countries in the region have a window of opportunity today to initiate reforms. The time for change is now. Without action, future generations will have to pay the price for the generosity of current systems - and that means they'll face drastic cuts in benefits, higher taxes and-or budget cuts in other non pension expenditures such as health and education.

This report takes stock of current mandatory pension systems in the region, assesses the magnitude and nature of the main problems, and outlines the common components of an integrated reform strategy.

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Fact Sheets - English (27K pdf)  |    Arabic (65K pdf)  |    French (29K pdf)

Audio Interview with David Robalino, Senior Economist and lead author

Pensions in the Middle East and North Africa : Time for a Change

Overview available in:    English (79K pdf)  |      Arabic (200K pdf)  |      French (75K pdf) 


Complete Report as One File (1066K pdf)



Table of Contents, Introduction and Summary (192K pdf)



Ch. 1: Overview (100K pdf)



Ch. 2: Initial Conditions for Pension Reform (186K pdf)



Ch. 3: Mandatory Pension Systems in the Middle East and North Africa (283K pdf)



Ch. 4: General Guidelines for a Comprehensive Reform Program (232K pdf)


Ch. 5: Management of the Public Pension Funds (173K pdf)


Ch. 6: Progress to Date and Prospects (74K pdf)


Appendices (282K pdf)



References and Index (164K pdf)



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