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MENA Assessment of the Local Manufacturing Potential For Concentrated Solar Power Projects
The MENA CSP plan is an ambitious scheme with an appeal to anyone concerned about climate change and convinced by the need for clean, renewable power. But what does it really mean for the average citizen of say Morocco or Tunisia? The World Bank sees potential for significant job and wealth creation in solar energy producing countries. 

Global Economic Prospects 2011
The developing countries of the Middle East and North Africa region were less affected than other developing regions by the global recession, in part because of the region’s limited financial integration, but also due to its export mix, which is concentrated in products.

Doing Business 2011: Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs
In the past year, 11 of 18 economies in the Middle East and North Africa adopted a total of 22 business regulation reforms to create opportunity for domestic entrepreneurs.

Migration and Remittances Factbook 
This factbook provides a snapshot of migration and remittances, compiled from available data from various sources

Regional Economic Outlook: MENA Sustaining the Recovery in Times of Uncertainty
Economic recovery is underway in MENA though below historical trends and the economic potential of the region. Its economic prospects depend on global developments and continued strengths in emerging-market demand and oil price trends.

An Urgent Agenda for the Post-Crisis
The  region weathered the global financial and economic crisis relatively well. But its recovery is not as speedy as elsewhere and the post-crisis agenda contains a significant list of challenges.

Forty Years of Development Assistance from Arab Countries
Over the past four decades, Arab aid, which has been relatively under-studied, has played an important role in global development finance 

The Cost of Environmental Degradation in the Region
This collection of case studies represent the application of the most suitable methods and techniques to estimate the costs of several types of environmental damage.


Trade competitiveness of the Middle East and North Africa : policies for export diversification
International trade was deeply affected by the global financial and economic crisis. Mimicking worldwide trends, imports from and exports to the Middle East and North Africa dropped significantly in 2009. E-book

How can Cultural Heritage Support Economic Development?
A new study examines the role of cultural heritage in creating livelihoods, in reviving communities, and in establishing identities in the Middle East and North Africa's historic city cores: the medinas.

Public Financial Management Reform
"Public Financial Management Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: An Overview of Regional Experience" surveys the experience of the region on the topic of public financial management reform.

Characterizing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa
Despite much progress in understanding HIV infectious spread globally, the Middle East and North Africa region stands as the only region where knowledge of the epidemic continues to be very limited, inaccessible, and subject to much controversy.

Global Economic Prospects 2010
The outlook for the Middle East and North Africa region will continue to be driven by oil prices and economic activity in the European Union (EU), the region’s main trade partner.

Regional Economic Update: Recovering from the Crisis
Growth in 2010 is expected to be 4.4 percent region-wide, driven by domestic absorption as well as a positive contribution from external demand

2010 Economic Prospects for the Middle East and North Africa Region
Following the tortuous conditions of 2009, prospects for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) should improve through 2011.

MENA Sets Business Regulatory Reform Pace
Investigators and prosecutors from nine countries on the Mediterranean coast joined forces recently to step up the fight against marine pollution.

"Shaping the Future": A Long-Term Perspective of People and Job Mobility for MENA
Study of global labor and job mobility- that is migration and outsourcing- with a focus on Europe and MENA.

Status and Progress of Women in the Middle East and North Africa (2009)
This publication updates the main findings of the
 Regional Gender Report (2004) with respect to the status of women in the Middle East and North Africa.

MENA's Trade and Investment Links with China and India
China and India’s demands for oil, gas, and other natural resources have been driving new relationships with MENA countries

‘Water in Arab World’ Puts World Bank Wisdom on Tap
Water in the Arab World” offers a comprehensive set of ideas, analysis, and reflections on managing the Middle East’s water resources more efficiently and sustainably

Environment for Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Investigates how women entrepreneurs can
contribute more to the quality and direction of economic and social development in the MENA region.

Is There a New Vision for Maghreb Economic Integration?
Researchers and policymakers have debated the merits, obstacles and reasons behind the disappointing record of regional economic integration, but mostly questions remain. Those questions are the subject of this report.

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan after the End of the Multi-Fiber Agreement: Impact, Challenges and Prospects?
Reviews impact of the phase-out of the Multifibre Arrangement (MFA) under the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC).

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