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Jun 10, 2013Supporting Lebanon’s efforts to rebuild infrastructure and alleviate the impacts of conflict on municipalities (Results Profile)
May 30, 2013Creating Opportunities for Economic Growth in Tunisia (Results Profile)
May 30, 2013World Bank Helps Morocco Address Education Quality and Governance (Press Release)
May 29, 2013Morocco - Second Education Development Policy Loan (Loan & Credit)
May 29, 2013World Bank Helps Morocco Address Education Quality and Governance (Press Release)
May 24, 2013MENA Desert Ecosystems and Livelihoods Knowledge Sharing and Coordination Project - GEF (Loan & Credit)
May 24, 2013Second Municipal Development Project for West Bank and Gaza (Loan & Credit)
May 24, 2013Supporting Palestinian reform efforts to achieve fiscal sustainability and improve public financial management (Results Profile)
May 24, 2013West Bank and Gaza - Palestinian National Development Plan - Development Policy Grant V (Loan & Credit)
May 24, 2013World Bank Grants $50 million for Palestinian Development (Press Release)
May 24, 2013World Bank Prepares Emergency Project to Help Jordanians Manage Impact of Syrian Refugees (Press Release)
May 24, 2013World Bank and Algeria Strengthen Partnership on Economic Diversification and Inclusive Growth (Press Release)
May 23, 2013Energy Efficiency in Tunisia: Promoting Industry While Protecting the Environment (Results Profile)
May 22, 2013Egypt: Making Home Ownership a Reality (Results Profile)
May 22, 2013Morocco: Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management through Development Policy Operations (Results Profile)
May 21, 2013Support to education, health, social care, and public utility services for the Palestinian population (Results Profile)
May 20, 2013Improving the Quality, Efficiency and Access to Basic Education in Djibouti (Results Profile)
May 20, 2013World Bank to Support South-South Knowledge Exchange on Higher Education Reforms (Press Release)
May 18, 2013Lebanon - Social Promotion and Protection Project (Loan & Credit)
May 18, 2013Yemen - Public Finance Modernization Project (Additional Financing) (Loan & Credit)
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