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Richard L. Hudson

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 Richard L. Hudson

CEO & Editor, Science, Business Publishing Ltd.

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 About Richard L. Hudson

Mr. Richard Lawrence Hudson has been a leading science and technology journalist in Europe for 25 years. He is a CEO and Editor of a London-based media company, Science Business Publishing Ltd, a news and events service that covers early-stage investment in R&D, and helps academic researchers in Europeconnect with industrial and private investors.


Before that, he was with the Wall Street Journal for 25 years, as reporter, technology editor and managing editor of the European edition. He is also co-author of a book on “fractal” analysis of financial markets with Yale/IBM mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot: The (mis)Behavior of Markets: A fractal view of risk, ruin & reward. Mr. Hudson is a graduate of Harvard College, a former Knight Fellow at MIT, and lives in Brussels.

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