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    External Debt Reporting System (DRS)

    The World Bank needs reliable and timely external debt information to assess a borrowing country's foreign debt situation, creditworthiness, and economic management; and conduct its country economic work and assess regional and global indebtedness and debt servicing problems.

    DRS reporting requirements

    Reporting countries receive a letter of request from the Bank and are provided a DRS manual. As countries report their external debt data, the Debt Reporting System (DRS) database gets updated with the latest data.

    Electronic submission

    Reporters are encouraged to submit electronic forms. Forms for new commitments, transactions and external private non-guaranteed debt are provided in EXCEL format. The forms are machine readable.

    Using electronic tools and paper submissions

    Reporters also have the option to key in their data into a self-contained debt recording tool provided in EXCEL format. Or to print out photo images of the forms and to manually fill them out.

    When and where to report

    Reporters using the electronic submission format and the debt recording tool format should email the forms. Reporters using the paper submission format need to send the forms by post.

    Dissemination and access policy

    DRS data are publicly available in aggregate form and are published in various World Bank publications. Loan-by-loan data are confidential and are accessible only by designated Bank staff. Special compilations that preserve the confidentiality of the underlying data may be made available for research purposes.

    Publicly available, aggregate data include time series of stocks, disbursements, principal, and interest payments along with various breakdowns of the data, such as multilateral, bilateral, official, private, concessional, nonconcessional, bonds, commercial banks, and so forth. Also included are average terms of new borrowings and their currency composition, as well as pipeline projections with various breakdowns. These aggregate data are available publicly in various forms, such as the annual International Debt Statistics (IDS) publication and CD-ROM, The Little Data Book on External Debt, and theIDS Online database on the Web, which can be accessed on a subscription basis. For more information please visit:

    Loan-by-loan data (record level data) are not accessible publicly.

    Special compilations of data may be made available on request to qualified researchers. Requests from individuals or organizations must be submitted to the World Bank in writing for evaluation (see request form below). At the time that requests are approved, requestors will be notified of the cost of processing the request.

    Click to download the dissemination and access policy and request form.

    Please note: the dissemination and access policy is subject to change without notice.