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    Using Electronic Tools and Paper Submissions

    Reporters also have the option to key in their data into a self-contained debt recording tool provided in EXCEL format.  Or to print out photo images of the forms and to manually fill them out.


    Debt Recording Tool (self-contained):


    To use the file, click on the link below and save it in your local drive.


    Debt reporting forms (English version)


    Pour vous servir de ce dossier, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous et le sauvegardez sur le disque dur de votre ordinateur.


    Debt reporting forms (French version)


    If you experience a slow access in opening the above two files, please use the attached file in a ZIP format.


    Debt reporting tool files (English and French versions)


    Photo Images:


    New Commitments (Form 1)


    Transactions (Form 2)


    External Private Non-Guaranteed Debt (Form 4)