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zjcp4 3,526,956.82001-AUG-2013China: Gansu Qingyang Urban Infrastructure Improvement ProjectGW
zhuzhou suburban road, k0+000 to k4+322 and k0+000 to k10+670 7,061,700.41012-DEC-2011Hunan Urban Development ProjectGW
zhaozhuang xisha river works 3,614,408.85016-DEC-2011SECOND SHANDONG ENVIRONMENT PROJECTGW
zhaojiagou watershed management works in Huangzhong Country 1,175,596.52012-APR-2010Xining Flood and Watershed ManagementGW
zaozhuang xisha river road works 1,102,326.26016-DEC-2011SECOND SHANDONG ENVIRONMENT PROJECTGW
zaozhuang xisha river embankment-bridges-greening Wenhua Road to Guangming Road and Sewage Pipe-Guangming Road to Waste Water Treatment Plant 3,632,933.39012-MAY-2010SECOND SHANDONG ENVIRONMENT PROJECTGW
yancheng depression treatment of Baima river 695,247.08020-OCT-2011Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage ImprovementGW
wuxiaojie storm drainage pump station and associated works 8,605,738.77012-APR-2013China Bengbu Integrated Environment Improvement ProjectGW
wulateqianqi waste water treatment and reclamation plant 10,144,383.06020-JUL-2011Bayannaoer Water Reclamation and Environment Improvement ProjectGW
wulateqianqi reclamation water treatment plant and water transmission works 9,006,018.10024-AUG-2012Bayannaoer Water Reclamation and Environment Improvement ProjectGW
wulatehouqi waste water treatmentplant equipment and installation. 8,139,879.17020-JUL-2011Bayannaoer Water Reclamation and Environment Improvement ProjectGW
workstations and monitors 99,842.01009-MAY-2011Real Estate Cadastre & Registration Project (Serbia)GW
workshop for launching of the project 2,018.24026-APR-2013Rebuilding Energy Infrastructure and AccessCS
works under non-polluted sweet potato and beans sub-project 137,288.40020-APR-2009Agricultural Technology Transfer ProjectGW
works under molecular identification for seed quality and GMO sub-project 102,390.55028-JAN-2010Agricultural Technology Transfer ProjectGW
works on NO.3 of Chengxian, Mobaxia 22,451,923.09027-JUN-2013Wenchuan Earthquake RecoveryGW
works of wastewater collection and treatment system in 7 villages 1,030,156.05019-MAY-2015Zhejiang Rural Water Supply and Sanitation ProjectGW
works of the Yuxiangmen Interchange construction. 867.5m. 11,469,234.75025-DEC-2009Xi'an Sustainable Urban Transport ProjectGW
works of river embankment 4,888,638.10019-JUL-2013Yunnan Urban Environment ProjectGW
works of realignment of taidong river part no.6 5,777,979.87028-FEB-2012Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage ImprovementGW
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Procurement Group GW - Goods and Works , CS - Consultants

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