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New Study Reveals the Complexity of the Informal Sector

July 2016: In this Policy Research Talk, Lead Economist Norman Loayza discussed how informality arises both from a lack of development and poor governance, and each of them to a different extent for every country. Thus, policies to address informality should also vary country by country.


Policy Research Report

May 2016: Transparency and citizen political engagement are on the rise, and together hold the potential to make politics work for rather than against economic development.

Global Financial Development Report 2015|2016: Long-Term Finance

September 2015: A shortage of long-term finance since the 2008 global crisis has been choking the growth of firms in developing countries and hampering the ability of credit-worthy families to borrow.

Research Highlights on Governance

July 2016: Making politics work for development | Reducing teacher absence more cost-effective than hiring more teachers in India | Politically connected firms in Egypt slow employment growth | Tariff evasion in Tunisia continues despite curtailed elite capture | Private sector doctors have more incentives to increase effort in India and more...

Research on IDA Countries

June 2016: Readers can view World Bank Policy Research Working Papers on IDA countries sorted by Global Practice Clusters and IDA 18 themes for the past three years and also access a special edition of the Research Digest focused on IDA countries.

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