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Research at the World Bank

Researchers at the Bank

  • John Giles is Senior Labor Economist. His research interests include the movement of labor from agricultural to non-agricultural employment, internal migration, poverty traps, household risk-coping and risk-management behavior, long-term effects of shocks to employment, school-to-work transitions, and population aging and retirement decisions and women's labor supply decisions in developing countries.
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  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and nine Research Managers.

New Policy Research Working Papers

7073CGE analysis of the impact of foreign direct investment and tariff reform on female and male wages2014/10
7079Trafficking and fragility in West Africa2014/10
7078Job creation in fragile and conflict-affected situations2014/10
7077Can conditional cash transfers improve education and nutrition outcomes for poor children in Bangladesh ? evidence from a pilot project2014/10
7076Does mandating nondiscrimination in hiring practices influence women's employment ? evidence using firm-level data2014/10