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Finance and Private Sector Research

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A well-functioning financial system and a vigorous private sector are important drivers of growth and poverty reduction. Finance is central to private sector development and vice versa, and large parts of both sub-disciplines revolve around the behavior and performance of firms. Please see Finance and Private Sector Development for some of the policy messages that came out of our recent research and future directions. More »


Working Papers

Strategic Information Revelation and Capital Allocation
Alvaro Pedraza Morales
Working Paper 6995, Jule 2014

Strategic Interactions and Portfolio Choice in Money Management: Evidence from Colombian Pension Funds
Alvaro Pedraza Morales
Working Paper 6994, Julyl 2014

International Remittances and Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Gemechu Ayana Aga and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria
Working Paper 6991, July 2014

Money or Ideas? A Field Experiment on Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan
Xavier Giné and Ghazala Mansuri,
Working Paper 6959, July 2014

Deals and Delays: Firm-level Evidence on Corruption and Policy Implementation Times
Caroline Freund, Mary Hallward-Driemeier, and Bob Rijkers
Working Paper 6949, July 2014

Bank Capital and Systemic Stability
Deniz Anginer and Asli Demirguc-Kunt
6995, July 2014

Deposit Insurance Database
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Edward Kane, and Luc Laeven
Working Paper 6934, June 2014

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Last updated: 2014-08-11