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EAP Envioronment PortfolioThe World Bank is implementing a wide range of initiatives with environmental components. These range from dedicated environmental projects, addressing issues such as conservation management, to integrated projects where environmental components range from 1 to 99 percent. The latter include urban development projects addressing water and air pollution issues and integrated agriculture/land management projects. The database below provides information on all of these projects. 

Portfolio Overview

The World Bank's active Environment and Natural Resource Management (ENRM) project portfolio in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region is well-diversified among environmental issues. Pollution and water resource management continue to be  the largest components in the current portfolio, representing more than a half of all outstanding commitment amounts (see figure).  

The current portfolio stands at $5.15 billion, with $498 million in new lending. China accounts for more than 80 percent of EAP ENRM investment, with a total of $4.4 billion, whereas the combined portfolio in other EAP countries amounts to around $800 million.

Trust Funds

The Bank's Environment work in the EAP region is supported by a number of trust funds. Examples include the Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development, the Italian Trust Fund, and the Netherlands-Mongolia Trust Fund for Environmental Reform.

Active Projects

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Vietnam Climate Change Development Policy 3P131775
Third Sustainable Livelihoods ProjectP125232
TA for Capacity Building in the Hydropower and Mining Sectors - AFP148755
IBRD/IDALao People's Democratic RepublicActive03-JUN-2014
Energy Sector DevelopmentP148560
IBRD/IDAMicronesia, Federated States ofActive29-MAY-2014
China Economic Transformation and Institutional Capacity BuildingP144270
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Display Results in set of: 1050100

* For active and closed projects, the commitment amount at Board approval is shown in US$ millions.This does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount. The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.
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