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Nov 29, 2013Brussels - Exposing the Reality and Myths behind Roma Exclusion
Oct 01, 2013World Bank To Take Bold Steps And Accept ‘Smart Risks’ to Help End Poverty in a Generation
May 28, 2013How Can Social Media Contribute to International Cooperation
Apr 29, 2013Brussels - The Global Monitoring Report 2013 - Rural-Urban Disparities and the MDGs
Mar 15, 2013Community-Based Landslide Risk Reduction
Mar 15, 2013Young Professionals Engage European and International Policy Makers
Jan 18, 2013Global Economic Prospects 2013
Dec 14, 2012World Development Report 2014 - Brussels Consultations
Dec 09, 2012Young Leaders Forum on Afghanistan
Oct 16, 2012What is the World Bank doing at the European Development Days?
Oct 16, 2012Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Growth at the European Development Days
May 09, 2012World Bank Engages Students and Youth
Apr 24, 2012The World Bank and IMF Global Monitoring Report 2012 Says Developing World Lags on Global Targets Related to Food and Nutrition
Mar 23, 2012World Bank Invites Youth Leaders to Young Professional Summit and Meetings with EU Representatives
Mar 07, 2012INVITATION to a consultation on the World Bank Group proposed Global Partnership for Social Accountability
Dec 07, 2011Dialogue: World Report on Disability
Nov 30, 2011Towards Gender Equality: Closing the Economic & Human Development Gap
May 26, 20112011 WDR Launch Presentation: Citizen Security, Justice, and Jobs, Brussels
May 19, 2011World Bank Group: Roundtable on Women Entrepreneurship
May 10, 2011Policy Dialogue - The EU10 economic recovery & beyond, what scope for skills-driven growth?
Apr 15, 2011Measuring Sustainable Development for the New Millenium
Apr 11, 2011Panel discussion: “How we measure development will drive how we do development”
Apr 07, 2011Consultation on the Proposed New Program-for-Results (P4R) Lending Instrument.
Mar 26, 2011World Bank President Talks Global Governance with Youth Leaders 26 March 2011, Brussels
Jan 14, 2011Global Economic Propsects 2011
Dec 06, 2010European Development Days (EDDs)
Nov 16, 2010African Conference on Responsible Business and Governance
Oct 07, 2010World Bank / European Center for Development Policy Management Seminar on Africa's Trade in Services Brussels October 7
Sep 14, 2010Multistakeholder Consultations on Africa Action Plan
Aug 18, 2010Global Economic Prospects 2011 Launch
Aug 14, 2010Managing Openness: Trade & Outward-Oriented Growth After the Crisis
May 27, 2010President Robert Zoellick meet with EU officials and participated in the German Marshall Fund's 2010 Brussels Forum.
Apr 25, 2010Launch Event of "Cities and Flooding: A Guide to Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century" - April 25
Apr 08, 2010World Bank - Civil Society Cooperation on Health MDG’s
Mar 25, 2010World Bank President Zoellick's visit to Brussels
Mar 12, 2010Global Economic Prospects 2010: Crisis Finance and Growth