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work supervision 42,000.00001-SEP-2011ANGOLA EMERGENCY MULTI-SECTOR RECOVERY - PHASE 2CS
very of basic health service in Upper Nile state of South Sudan 23,094,692.00003-JAN-2013South Sudan Health Rapid Results ProjectGW
valid from october 24, 2011 to march, 31,2012 40,398.80015-FEB-2012Nile Basin Initiative Institutional Strengthening ProjectCS
valid from March 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012. Once the grant is extended to Dec 2012, the contract will be extended. 44,438.00020-MAR-2012Nile Basin Initiative Institutional Strengthening ProjectCS
travaux de Rehabilitation du poste de 30/15 KV de Balkou a Bamako 5,562,312.71006-JUN-2011Mali Energy Support ProjectGW
travaux d entretien courant mecanise de la route Kisangani bunduki 3,414,647.98023-FEB-2016DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - High Priority Reopening and Maintenance ProjectGW
transport aérien des ex combattants from Gbadolite to Kinshasa 79,995.00020-OCT-2009Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration ProjectGW
to supply computers, printers, scanner, fax machine and photocopiers 17,217.52005-OCT-2010Mozambique: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative ImplementationGW
to proved three (3) Toyota (ex-stock) Fortuner Station Wagon 3.0, diesel engine, 4-cylinder,5-speed, 7-seat, manual transmission to the 111,143.97015-MAY-2013Sierra Leone Mineral Sector Technical AssistanceGW
to extend the road data collection as defined in the contract in the municipal roads in all the islands except Santiago and Santa Antao Islands 224,969.98028-MAY-2013CV Road Sector Support ProjectGW
to allow the Consultant complete the feasibility study and detailed engineering design of the Damazin #Renk road, since its performance has been found to be satisfactory. 572,144.06008-JUN-2010SD - National Emergency Transport Rehabilitation ProjectCS
the training for the field activities of the Multiple Indicators and Health Survey (IIMS) in Angola. 2,015,570.00006-JUL-2015AO-Municipal Health Service Strengthening (Revitalização)GW
the procurement Assistant should ensure the implementation of procedures for the award of pure all the components of the project under the terms of the agreement on and the WB guidelines 50,400.00008-DEC-2010DRC Education Sector ProjectCS
the present contract is to be executed between the CCISD and the DRC Ministry of Health for a period of 6 month starting November 1, 2011 and ending on April 30th, 2012 in the Tshuapa region. 808,532.00017-NOV-2011DRC Health Sector Rehabilitation Support ProjectCS
the incumbent is expected to deliver consultant servicex of an internal auditor within the project. And this from December 1, 2010 to November 30, 2012. 54,840.00001-DEC-2010Democratic Republic of Congo Emergency Social Action ProjectCS
the contract is between Ministry of Finance and Bernard Micubu Muroki Dial Up Associates Ltd, 33,663.20030-OCT-2014Somalia PFM Capacity Strengthening ProjectGW
the construction contract for Umadara Basic School 244,357.34009-APR-2014Sudan Basic Education Recovery ProjectGW
the Supply of Fedreral and Regional EMIS Ingrastructure Equipment Server and Switch 156,145.87006-JAN-2012General Education Quality Improvement Project - APL 1 (GEQIP)GW
the Service to Collect Municipal Solid Waste Using MCC Skip Trucks and Skip Containers Lot # 1 113,435.32007-AUG-2009Emergency Monrovia Urban Sanitation Project (EMUS)GW
the Contract is between Ministry of Finance Villa, Mogadishu Somalia and East Africa University EAU Puntland - Somaliafor the Prov ision of Tuition Services to Tutors 179,102.00006-OCT-2014Somalia PFM Capacity Strengthening ProjectCS
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Grupo de adquisiciones: GW = Bienes y obras. CS = Servicios de consultoría

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