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Nepal "Unequal Citizens, Gender, Caste and Ethnic Exclusion in Nepal"

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This study provides solid analysis of social exclusion/inclusion issues. It adopted a highly participatory approach with government and donors and influenced the Government's PRSP, Bank's assistance strategy, other donor assistance, and NGO work. Both the 10th Plan/PRS and IDA's assistance strategy for social inclusion derived from this seminal piece of analytical work which advanced overall understanding of social inclusion issues in Nepal and proposed priorities for action.

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Project Award
Kyrgyz Republic Health Sector Reform Projects I and II 

ICR Quality Awards
Brazil Programmatic Fiscal Reform-Social Security Reform ICR 

Ghana Health Sector Program Support II ICR

Guatemala Tax Administration Technical Assistance Loan ICR

India Renewable Energy II ICR

Indonesia Development Policy Loans I-IV ICR

Maldives Education and Training III ICR

Burkina Faso Community-Based Rural Development ICR--Specific Aspects

Honduras Community-Based Education ICR--Specific Aspects

CASCR Awards
Ukraine CASCR 

Awards for Infomration-Sharing/Analytical Work
Chile Municipal Development Projects I and II for supporting the National System of Municipal Information, SINIM 

Nepal "Unequal Citizens, Gender, Caste and Ethnic Exclusion in Nepal," Gender and Social Exclusion Assessment, World Bank and DFID, 2006

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