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An Interview with Ronald Parker, Former Lead Evaluator, on Natural Disasters and Haiti Response

ron parker Ronald Parker is a former Lead Evaluation Officer in the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). Mr. Parker entered the World Bank in 1990 to work on the joint World Bank/Habitat/UNDP Urban Vulnerability Study in the Environment Department. With IEG since 1997, Mr. Parker has conducted numerous project-level assessments, impact evaluations, and major thematic evaluations, including, among others, Natural Disasters and Emergency Reconstruction, Review of Social Development in World Bank Activities, Cultural Properties in Policy and Practice, and Water Projects. Mr. Parker holds an Ed.D. in Planning and Social Policy Research and an Ed.M. in International Development from Harvard University. Disasters and development is a theme which has long been of interest to him. Prior to joining the World Bank, he conducted disaster-related research for Harvard University and the University of Wisconsin. Following a stint in the Peace Corps, he worked as a disaster project manager for over a decade.  

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