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To measure the cost of private education across countries, ICP 2011 implemented Country Survey Method for Private Education. It is worth mentioning that: (1) the approach ensures comparability with 2005 results; and (2) transparency can be ensured by sharing and validating all data used and computation undertaken with countries and RCs.

Costs for public education are collected through the government compensation survey as mentioned. The following table summarizes the method implemented to measure two types of education, private and public:

Private Education

Public Education


·   Private Education under HHC : collection of private tuition fees


·   Involves data collection by countries

Regional PPPs computed by Regional Coordinators then linked to Global PPPs


·   Public Education under Government: collection of compensation of employees working in the public education sector + productivity adjustment


·   16 government occupations related to education, with 4 levels of experience each.


For Government Occupations documentation, please refer to the Operational Material (section B, 3.1) provided by the Global Office.