Judgments and Ordersfrom the Tribunal's2012 session

TheJudgments and Ordersfrom the Tribunal's session are listed below and may be opened by clicking on them.

(1)de Mariz Rozeira,Order No. 2012-1

(2)Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 6),Order No. 2012-2

(3)Yoon (No. 19),Order No. 2012-3

(4)Yoon (No. 20),Order No. 2012-4

(5)Ratnam,Decision No. 461

(6) Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 4),Decision No. 462

(7)Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 5),Decision No. 463

(8) BU, Decision, No. 465

(9)BV,Decision No. 466

(10) BW, Decision No. 467

(11) AS (No.2), Decision No. 468

(12)M (No.2),Decision No. 469

(13)Sud,Order No. 2012-5

(14)Escudero,Order No. 2012-6

(15)BT,Decision No. 464

All of the Tribunal's judgments and ordersare available onthe judgments and orders page.

The World Bank Administrative Tribunal