The Development and Effectiveness of International Administrative Law


In March 2010, a conference was held to comme- morate the Tribunal’s thirtieth anniversary. The 2010 conference, which was cohosted by the Tribunal and the American Society of International Law, was held at a time of some debate regarding the design of the internal justice mechanisms of international organizations, the most noted of which was the overhaul of the internal justice system of the United Nations. Furthermore, certain recent decisions of some national courts have attracted attention for the scrutiny to which they subjected the internal justice mechanisms of some international organizations. The conference therefore provided an opportune moment for reflection on these developments. This book includes a series of essays on topics of interest in international administrative law that build upon the important issues addressed at the conference, and addresses issues of current significance in international administrative law. It includes some of the presentations made to the conference as well as other contributions from leading academics and practitioners in the field. For more information click here.




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