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Gross Plan Information

The Gross Plan applies to participants who joined the Staff Retirement Plan on or before April 14, 1998.

1.    Application for Lump Sum Withdrawal Benefit
2.    Application for Payment of Pension
3.    Change of Contact or Banking Information
4.    Change of Designation of Beneficiary

To keep your designations current, we urge you to periodically update your designation of beneficiary(ies) for lump sum death benefit under the Staff Retirement Plan. The newly-completed designation of beneficiary will expressly revoke and replace all prior designations.

5.    Currency Option
6.    Death of a Retiree or Beneficiary
7.    Forms
8.    IRA Rollover Chart
9.    Life Event (Marriage and Divorce)
10.  Optional Survivor Pension
11.  Options Upon Termination
12.  US Income Tax and the SRP - Gross Plan
13.  US Tax Status of a Non-US National 

Last updated: 2011-05-12

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