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G. Mansuri - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • "A Little at a Time: The Use of Regularly Scheduled Repayments in Microfinance Programs," with S. Jain,  Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming. 
  • "Credit Layering and the Pattern of Segmentation in Informal Financial Markets: Evidence from Rural Pakistan", currently under review with the Economic Development and Cultural Change.
  • "Credit Layering in Rural Financial Markets", currently under review with the Journal of Development Economics

Other Papers

  • "Incomplete Contracts and Investment: A Study of Land Tenancy in Pakistan", with H. Jacoby
  • "Information Sharing, Loan Size Escalation, and Competition among Micro-finance Providers", with S. Jain, mimeo, 2003 
  • "The Dynamics of Competition and among Micro-finance Providers in Bangladesh", with S. Jain and A Fruttero, mimeo, 2003