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M. Woolcock - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • The Place of Social Capital in Understanding Social and Economic Outcomes Canadian Journal of Policy Research 2(1): 11-17. February 2001.
    Also reprinted in extended form in John Helliwell (ed.) The Role of Human Capital and Social Capital in Economic Growth and Well-Being Paris: OECD and Human Resources Development Canada (September 2001). Available online at:
  • "Microenterprise and Social Capital: A Framework for Theory, Research, and Policy" Journal of Socio-Economics 30: 193-198. March 2001.
  • "Social Capital: Implications for Development Theory, Research, and Policy", with D. Narayan, World Bank Research Observer 15(2): 225-249. August 2000.
  • "Can What is Right with Sociology Fix What is Wrong with Sociology?", with J. Kim, The American Sociologist 31(1): 15-31. May 2000.
  • "Learning from Failures in Microfinance: What Unsuccessful Cases Tell us About How Group-Based Programs Work" The American Journal of Economics and Sociology 58(1): 17-42. January 1999.
  • "Social Capital and Economic Development: Toward a Theoretical Synthesis and Policy Framework" Theory and Society 27(2): 151-208. March 1998.

Chapters in Book

  • "Small States in a Global Economy: The Role of Institutions in Managing Vulnerability and Opportunity in Small Developing Countries" with D. Brautigam, in Globalization, Marginalization and Development, M Murshed (ed.) New York: Routledge. 2002, forthcoming.
  • "Social Capital in Theory and in Practice: Where Do We Stand?" in Social Capital, Economic Development, and the Environment, S. Ramaswamy, T. Kelly, and J. Isham (eds.), Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. 2002, forthcoming.
  • "The Social Foundations of Poor Economic Growth in Resource-Rich Countries" with L. Pritchett and J. Isham, in Resource Abundance and Economic Development, R. Auty (ed.), New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 76-92. July 2001

Updated Versions of Working Papers