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M. Ravallion - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Decentralized Targeting of an Anti-Poverty Program,” with E. Galasso, Journal of Public Economics,  forthcoming. 
  • “Measuring Aggregate Welfare in Developing Countries: How Well do National Accounts and Surveys Agree?,” Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming. 
  • “Does Piped Water Reduce Diarrhea for Children in Rural India?" with J. Jalan, Journal of Econometrics Vol. 112, January 2003, pp. 153-173. 
  • “Estimating the Benefit Incidence of an Anti-Poverty Program by Propensity-Score Matching”, with J. Jalan, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol.21(1), January 2003, pp. 19-30. 
  • “Measuring Pro-Poor Growth”, Economics Letters, Vol.78(1), January 2003, pp. 93-99.
  • “Has India’s Post-Reform Economic Growth Left the Poor Behind,” with G. Datt, Journal of Economic Perspectives Vol. 16(3), Summer 2002, pp. 89-108. 
  • “Geographic Poverty Traps? A Micro Model of Consumption Growth in Rural China” with J. Jalan, Journal of Applied Econometrics Vol.17(4), pp. 329-346. 
  • “Self-Rated Economic Welfare in Russia” with M. Lokshin, European Economic Review Vol. 46(8), September 2002, pp.1453-1473. 
  • “On the Urbanization of Poverty,” Journal of Development Economics Vol. 68 (2002): 435-442. 
  • “Why Has Economic Growth Been More Pro-Poor in Some States of India than Others?”  with
    G. Datt, Journal of Development Economics Vol. 68 (2002): 381-400. 
  • “Is Literacy Shared Within Households?” with K. Basu and A. Narayan, Labor
    Vol.8, 2002, pp. 649-665. 
  • “Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Looking Beyond Averages,” World Development, Vol. 29(11),
    November 2001, pp. 1803-1815. 
  • “The Mystery of the Vanishing Benefits: An Introduction to Impact Evaluation,” World Bank
    Economic Review
    , Vol.15, No.1, pp. 115-140. 
  • “Identifying Welfare Effects from Subjective Questions” with M. Lokshin, Economica, Vol.68, August, pp. 335-357. 
  • “How Did the World’s Poor fare in the 1990s?”  with S. Chen, Review of Income and Wealth, Vol.47(3), September 2001, pp.283-300. 
  • "Carbon Emissions and Income Inequality" with M. Heil, Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming. 
  • “Are the Poor Protected from Budget Cuts? Evidence for Argentina” Journal of Applied Economics, forthcoming. 
  • “Behavioral Responses to Risk in Rural China”  with J. Jalan, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 66, 2001, pp.23-49. 
  • "Measuring Poverty Using Qualitative Perceptions of Consumption Adequacy" with M. Pradhan), Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 82(3), August 2000, pp. 462-471. 
  • "Welfare Impacts of Russia’s 1998 Financial Crisis and the Response of the Public Safety Net" with M. Lokshin, Economics of Transition, Vol. 8(2), 2000, pp. 269-295. 
  • "Is Transient Poverty Different? Evidence for Rural China" with J. Jalan, Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 36(6), August 2000. 
  • "Should Poverty Measures be Anchored to the National Accounts?" Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 34(35&36), August 26 2000, pp. 3245-3252.


  • “Externalities in Rural Development: Evidence for China,” in Spatial Inequality, R. Kanbur and T. Venables (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2003. 


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