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Klaipeda Port Project 
The main objectives of the Klaipeda Port Project is to strengthen the long term competitiveness of this Baltic region port, and, to improve environmental conditions, by preventing spills, improving waste reception facilities, and monitoring environmental conditions. The two main components are: 1) Investments in civil works, which will include the rehabilitation of breakwaters at the port entrance, through detailed investigations, and, build an extension of both the northern, and southern breakwaters, to limit wave energy from entering the port. In addition, the channel entrance will be dredged, widened, and deepened, allowing a realignment away from the oil terminal, in accordance with international agreements. Specifically designed monitoring fenders will be installed, combined with steel mooring lines. Safe maneuvers will be ensured following the installation of a wave/current monitoring system. Studies will determine the requirements for marine environment protection, and the financing of necessary equipment, and training. 2) Technical assistance will be provided, through studies to estimate the appropriate level of land lease rates, to avoid cross subsidies with harbor dues, and review lease management contracting, and procurement procedures, and, will focus on privatization practices for port services, and management. Training will be provided for port pilots on skillful navigation practices.** 
  Last Updated  November 28 2014
Basic Information
Project StatusClosed 
Region Europe And Central Asia 
Major Sector (Sector) (%) Transportation (Ports, waterways and shipping) (100%) 
Old Major SectorN/A  
Old SectorN/A  
Env CategoryA  
Project IDP035776 
Bank Team Lead (Last Name, First)Kerali, Henry G. R.  
Approval Date11-MAY-2000  
Closing Date31-DEC-2008  
Implementing AgencyPORT OF KLAIPEDA  

Main Loan/Credit #70140  
IBRD Commitment *35.36 
IDA Commitment *
IBRD + IDA Commitment *35.36 
Grant Amount *
Total Project Cost *56.9 
Product LineIBRD/IDA 
Lending InstrumentSpecific Investment Loan 

Development Outcomes And Goals
Targeted Thematic Outcomes...Supporting this Broader Dev't Goal
Pollution management and environmental healthEnsure environmental sustainability (MDG); Environmental commons (GPG)
Water resource managementEnsure environmental sustainability (MDG); Environmental commons (GPG)
Infrastructure services for private sector developmentN/A (CAP)
Available Project Documents***
For a short project overview, please consult the Project Information Document if available.
Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR), Vol.1 -24-JUN-2009 
Guarantee Agreement (), Vol. -03-AUG-2000 
Grant or Trust Fund Agreement (GTA), Vol. -03-AUG-2000 
Loan Agreement (LA), Vol. -03-AUG-2000 
Guarantee Agreement (GA), Vol. -03-AUG-2000 
Loan Agreement (), Vol. -03-AUG-2000 
Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Vol.1 -10-APR-2000 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.2 -30-SEP-1999 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.1  -30-SEP-1999 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 -30-MAR-1999 
Grant or Trust Fund Agreement (GTA), Vol. -30-MAR-1995 
Contract Award Information
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** The project summary is drawn from the PAD, SAR, or PGD abstract and may not accurately reflect the project's current nature.

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