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Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) 
The Renewable Energy Scale-up program for China aims to create a legal, regulatory, and institutional environment conducive to large-scale, renewable-based electricity generation, and to demonstrate early success in large-scale, renewable energy development with participating local developers in two provinces. The Project has the following components: The Institutional Development and Capacity Building component was designed to meet national priorities and the needs of the pilot provinces to initiate the scale-up of renewable energy, and will include the following: Mandated Market Policy MMP research and implementation support; technology improvement for wind and biomass; and long-term capacity building. Two subcomponents, one for Fujian Province and one for Rudong Province, are submitted for Board approval. In Fujian, a 100 MW wind farm at Changjiang'ao, Pingtan Island. The Pingtan wind farm will consist of wind turbines, associated civil and electrical works, an extension to an existing control room, a switchyard, and a 15 km, 110 kV transmission line from the wind farm to the Beicuo substation, which will be upgraded to meet the evacuation needs of the wind farm. In Jiangsu, a 25 MW straw-fired biomass power plant at Mabei Village, Rudong County. The Rudong power plant will consist of one 110 ton per hour, high-temperature, high-pressure strawfired boiler, one 25 MW steam turbine, and associated mechanical, electrical, and civil works.** 
  Last Updated  November 26 2014
Basic Information
Project StatusClosed 
Region East Asia And Pacific 
Major Sector (Sector) (%) Energy and mining (Renewable energy) (100%) 
Old Major SectorN/A  
Old SectorN/A  
Env CategoryB  
Project IDP067828 
Bank Team Lead (Last Name, First)Song, Yanqin  
Approval Date16-JUN-2005  
Closing Date30-SEP-2010  
Borrower/RecipientGOVERNMENT OF CHINA  
Implementing AgencyN/A  

Main Loan/Credit #47920  
IBRD Commitment *87 
IDA Commitment *
IBRD + IDA Commitment *87 
Grant Amount *
Total Project Cost *228.82 
Product LineIBRD/IDA 
Lending InstrumentSpecific Investment Loan 

Development Outcomes And Goals
Targeted Thematic Outcomes...Supporting this Broader Dev't Goal
Climate changeEnsure environmental sustainability (MDG); Environmental commons (GPG)
Environmental policies and institutionsEnsure environmental sustainability (MDG); Environmental commons (GPG)
Infrastructure services for private sector developmentN/A (CAP)
Rural services and infrastructureN/A (CAP)
Available Project Documents***
For a short project overview, please consult the Project Information Document if available.
Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR), Vol.1 of 1 -24-JUN-2012 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -28-JUN-2011 
Procurement Plan (PROP), Vol.1 of 1 -30-JUN-2007 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.5 of 5 -30-AUG-2006 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.3 of 5 -16-AUG-2006 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.4 of 4 -01-AUG-2006 
Loan Agreement (), Vol. -11-AUG-2005 
Loan Agreement (LA), Vol. -11-AUG-2005 
Project Agreement (PRA), Vol. -11-AUG-2005 
Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Vol.1 of 1 -19-MAY-2005 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.2 of 5 -28-JAN-2005 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 of 1 -24-NOV-2004 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 of 1 -24-NOV-2004 
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (ISDS), Vol.1 of 1 -24-NOV-2004 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.4 of 5 -01-NOV-2004 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.5 of 5 -01-NOV-2004 
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (ISDS), Vol.1 of 1 -22-SEP-2004 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.3 of 4 -01-JUL-2004 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.2 of 4 -01-JUN-2004 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.1 of 4 -01-JUN-2004 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.1 of 5 -01-JUN-2004 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 -17-AUG-2000 
Contract Award Information
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