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Programmatic Environment Structural Adjustment Loan 
The Programmatic Environment Structural Adjustment Loan Project, will support and promote the Government's program for sustainable development, primarily, to balance socioeconomic development with environmental protection, and improvement. The project will support the establishment of technical coordination mechanisms with other sectors, mainstreaming environmental issues in sectoral policy, and, by designing fiscal instruments to promote payment of municipal water fees, investments in municipal hydraulic works, and generate revenue from the use of national marine protected areas, including reinvestments related with the environmental management of these areas. Furthermore, the project will support the creation of an enabling environment to decentralize federal environmental management functions to the state level, by way of changes to key legislation; by the preparation of a staged decentralization strategy, specifying the criteria with respect to personnel, and goods; and by establishing the use of third party certification, to ensure the decentralization process. An implementation strategy will be developed to improve public access to information on environmental impact assessment, allowing the application of key legislation on the transparency of information. Risks however include vulnerability to external shocks, lack of stakeholder coordination, political constraints to future reforms, and financial resource constraints to decentralization of environmental functions. Nonetheless, risks have been taken into account in project design, emphasizing on coordination, and consensus building, and, Mexico should benefit from the recovery of the US economy, though timing remains uncertain.** 
  Last Updated  November 25 2014
Basic Information
Project StatusClosed 
Region Latin America And Caribbean 
Major Sector (Sector) (%) Public Administration, Law, and Justice (General public administration sector) (50%) 
  Water, sanitation and flood protection (General water, sanitation and flood protection sector) (15%) 
  Industry and trade (Other industry) (15%) 
  Agriculture, fishing, and forestry (Forestry) (10%) 
  Energy and mining (General energy sector) (10%) 
Old Major SectorN/A  
Old SectorN/A  
Env CategoryU  
Project IDP074539 
Bank Team Lead (Last Name, First)Sanchez-Triana, Ernesto  
Approval Date06-AUG-2002  
Closing Date31-DEC-2003  
Borrower/RecipientGOVERNMENT OF MEXICO  

Main Loan/Credit #71360  
IBRD Commitment *202.02 
IDA Commitment *
IBRD + IDA Commitment *202.02 
Grant Amount *
Total Project Cost *202.02 
Product LineIBRD/IDA 
Lending InstrumentProgrammatic Structural Adjustment Loan 

Development Outcomes And Goals
Targeted Thematic Outcomes...Supporting this Broader Dev't Goal
Environmental policies and institutionsEnsure environmental sustainability (MDG); Environmental commons (GPG)
DecentralizationPublic sector governance (CAP)
Available Project Documents***
For a short project overview, please consult the Project Information Document if available.
Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR), Vol.1 of 1 -03-MAR-2008 
Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR), Vol.1 of 1 -11-JUL-2005 
Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR), Vol.1 of 1 -11-JUL-2005 
Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR), Vol.1 of 1 -23-JUN-2004 
Tranche Release Document (TRD), Vol.1 of 1 -04-DEC-2003 
Loan Agreement (), Vol. -30-SEP-2002 
Loan Agreement (LA), Vol. -30-SEP-2002 
Program Document (PGD), Vol.1 -08-JUL-2002 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 -17-JUN-2002 

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