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Kapitbisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) Project 
The development objective of the Kapitbisig Laban Sa Kahirapan: Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services Project (Kalahi - CIDSS) for Philippines is to communities in targeted poor municipalities and selected urban areas are empowered to achieve improved access to sustainable basic public services and participate in more inclusive Local Government Unit (LGU) planning and budgeting. As requested by the Government of the Philippines (request letter from the Department of Social Welfare and Development dated December 19, 2013 and endorsed by the Department of Finance through letter dated January 30, 2014), the restructuring involves the reallocation of $814,000.00 from category one (grants under part A and C of the project) to category two (goods, consultants' services and Incremental operating costs). The re-allocated amount to category two will be used to re-hire field-level staff that will facilitate the repair of prioritized community sub-projects which were damaged by Typhoon Yolanda.** 
  Last Updated  October 02 2014
Basic Information
Project StatusClosed 
Region East Asia And Pacific 
Major Sector (Sector) (%) Water, sanitation and flood protection (General water, sanitation and flood protection sector) (20%) 
  Transportation (Rural and Inter-Urban Roads and Highways) (20%) 
  Health and other social services (Health) (20%) 
  Education (General education sector) (20%) 
  Health and other social services (Other social services) (20%) 
Old Major SectorN/A  
Old SectorN/A  
Env CategoryB  
Project IDP077012 
Bank Team Lead (Last Name, First)Padua, Maria Loreto  
Approval Date17-SEP-2002  
Closing Date31-MAY-2014  

Main Loan/Credit #79590  
IBRD Commitment *100 
IDA Commitment *
IBRD + IDA Commitment *100 
Grant Amount *
Total Project Cost *182 
Product LineIBRD/IDA 
Lending InstrumentSpecific Investment Loan 

Development Outcomes And Goals
Targeted Thematic Outcomes...Supporting this Broader Dev't Goal
Improving labor marketsEmpowerment, security & social inclusion (CAP)
Participation and civic engagementEmpowerment, security & social inclusion (CAP)
Rural services and infrastructureN/A (CAP)
DecentralizationPublic sector governance (CAP)
Other accountability/anti-corruptionPublic sector governance (CAP)
Available Project Documents***
For a short project overview, please consult the Project Information Document if available.
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -31-MAY-2014 
Aide Memoire (AM), Vol.1 of 1 -01-MAY-2014 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -26-DEC-2013 
Project Paper (PJPR), Vol.1 of 1 -19-DEC-2013 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -07-JUL-2013 
City Development Strategy (CDS) (CDS), Vol.1 of 1 -01-JAN-2013 
Project Paper (PJPR), Vol.1 of 2 -21-DEC-2012 
Project Paper (PJPR), Vol.2 of 2 -21-DEC-2012 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -07-NOV-2012 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -10-DEC-2011 
Implementation Status and Results Report (ISRR), Vol. -28-MAR-2011 
Loan Agreement (LA), Vol. -03-DEC-2010 
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (ISDS), Vol.1 of 1 -30-AUG-2010 
Project Paper (PJPR), Vol.1 of 1 -29-AUG-2010 
Procurement Plan (PROP), Vol.1 of 1 -29-JUN-2010 
Loan Agreement (LA), Vol. -07-OCT-2002 
Loan Agreement (), Vol. -07-OCT-2002 
Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Vol.1 -23-AUG-2002 
Environmental Assessment (EA), Vol.1 -17-JUL-2002 
Indigenous Peoples Plan (IP), Vol.1 -30-JUN-2002 
Resettlement Plan (RPL), Vol.1 -30-JUN-2002 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 -24-JUN-2002 
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (ISDS), Vol.1 -14-JUN-2002 
Contract Award Information
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** The project summary is drawn from the PAD, SAR, or PGD abstract and may not accurately reflect the project's current nature.

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