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Post Secondary Education Project 
The Post Secondary Education Project will directly support one of the Government's primary national development, and sectoral goals as identified in Ethiopia's Poverty Reduction Strategy: the expansion and strengthening of human capacity, to lead the transition from an agrarian economy, to a service and production oriented one. The two main project components will: 1) improve university undergraduate and post-graduate education, through a) institutional development grants to support basic capital expenses of eligible institutions, on a proportionate basis in accordance with the Government's new funding formula for block grants; b) support provided to: the Quality and Relevance Assurance Agency (QRAA), the Ethiopian Higher Education Strategy Institute (EHESI), the National Pedagogical Resource Center (NPRC) and Institutional Pedagogical Resource Sub-centers, and, the central ministry in the form of resources for some capital expenses, research, seminar development, equipment, publications, and technical assistance; and, c) through the Development Innovation Fund (DIF), as the centerpiece of the Bank's support to university development in Ethiopia. The Fund is a flexible mechanism designed to stimulate innovation, promote modernizing changes, and reward quality-enhancing efforts within universities; and, 2) expand and deepen the system reform activities currently spear-headed by the Ministry of Education, by developing the capacities to implement the system changes which are under way. These capacity development efforts will provide a foundation for the five pillars of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Innovation Program transformation: Decentralization of service design and delivery; Strengthening partnerships among stakeholders, especially between training providers and employers; Development and implementation of a trades testing, and certification system; Cost-sharing by beneficiaries; and, Market-based demand orientation that shapes training.** 
  Last Updated  November 28 2014
Basic Information
Project StatusClosed 
Region Africa 
Major Sector (Sector) (%) Education (Tertiary education) (80%) 
  Education (Vocational training) (10%) 
  Public Administration, Law, and Justice (Central government administration) (10%) 
Old Major SectorN/A  
Old SectorN/A  
Env CategoryC  
Project IDP078692 
Bank Team Lead (Last Name, First)Joshi, Rajendra Dhoj  
Approval Date16-SEP-2004  
Closing Date01-SEP-2009  
Implementing AgencyMINISTRY OF EDUCATION  

Main Loan/Credit #39840  
IBRD Commitment *
IDA Commitment *40 
IBRD + IDA Commitment *40 
Grant Amount *
Total Project Cost *40 
Product LineIBRD/IDA 
Lending InstrumentSpecific Investment Loan 

Development Outcomes And Goals
Targeted Thematic Outcomes...Supporting this Broader Dev't Goal
Improving labor marketsEmpowerment, security & social inclusion (CAP)
Education for the knowledge economyEducation (CAP); Information & knowledge (GPG)
Available Project Documents***
For a short project overview, please consult the Project Information Document if available.
Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR), Vol.1 -26-MAY-2010 
Credit Agreement (CA), Vol. -04-JAN-2005 
Credit Agreement (), Vol. -04-JAN-2005 
Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Vol.1 -18-AUG-2004 
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet (ISDS), Vol.1 -07-JAN-2004 
Project Information Document (PID), Vol.1 -22-SEP-2003 
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