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Rehabilitation Loan ProjectP008525
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé22-OCT-1992
Strucutral Adjustment Loan (SAL)P044123
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé19-DEC-1996
Private Sector Adjustment Loan (PSAL)P066153
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé16-MAR-2000
Private Sector Adjustment Loan 2 (PSAL 2)P069890
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé10-SEP-2002
Financial Sector DPL, LatviaP115709
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé22-SEP-2009
Latvia First Special Development Policy Loan: Safety Net and Social Sector Reform ProgramP115732
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé04-MAR-2010
Second Safety Net and Social Sector Reform ProgramP121796
BIRD/IDA LettonieAchevé26-MAY-2011
Display Results in set of: 1050100

* For active and closed projects, the commitment amount at Board approval is shown in US$ millions.This does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount. The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.
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