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Biodiversity GEF ProjectP008842
Global Environment ProjectSlovak RepublicClosed16-SEP-1993
Economic Recovery ProjectP008848
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed30-NOV-1993
Enterprise and Financial Sector Adjustment Loan (EFSAL)P064542
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed02-AUG-2001
Health Reform ProjectP065954
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed11-SEP-2003
Health Sector Modernization Support Technical Assistance ProjectP082879
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed11-SEP-2003
Human Capital Technical Assistance (SIDEM APL #1)P092786
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed25-JAN-2005
Industrial Cogeneration ProjectP051829
Global Environment ProjectSlovak RepublicDroppedN/A
Leader Preparation Technical Assistance Project (under the SIDEM Facility)P090884
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed02-MAR-2006
Legal & Judicial ReformP074930
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicDroppedN/A
Public Finance Management ProjectP069864
IBRD/IDASlovak RepublicClosed10-JUN-2003
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Display Results in set of: 1050100

* For active and closed projects, the commitment amount at Board approval is shown in US$ millions.This does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount. The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.
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