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Cairo Airport Development Project-TB2P101201
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive23-FEB-2010
EG-Integrated Sanitation & Sew. Infra. 2P120161
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive30-JUN-2011
Egypt National Railways Restructuring ProjectP101103
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive17-MAR-2009
Egypt Emergency Labor Intensive Investment ProjectP126339
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive28-JUN-2012
EG-National Drainage II Add. FinancingP111040
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive23-MAR-2010
Regional Coordination for Improved WaterP130801
Global Environment ProjectEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive17-JUL-2012
The Second National Drainage ProjectP045499
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive15-JUN-2000
EG-Railways Restructuring Additional FinancingP117356
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive14-DEC-2010
ONYX solid Waste Alexandria - CarbonP098737
Carbon OffsetEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive19-FEB-2006
EGYPT-Integrated Irrigation Improvement and Management ProjectP073977
IBRD/IDAEgypt, Arab Republic ofActive03-MAY-2005
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Display Results in set of: 1050100

* For active and closed projects, the commitment amount at Board approval is shown in US$ millions.This does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount. The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.
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