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Avian Influenza Control Project


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Project ID: P100342 | Project Status: Closed


Abstract* last updated: 05-JAN-2007
The overall objectives of the Nepal Avian Influenza Control Project are to minimize the threat posed by highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) to humans in Nepal by controlling such infections among birds, especially domestic poultry, and preparing for, controlling, and responding to possible human infections, especially an influenza epidemic and related emergencies. The project components include: animal health - this component will support national prevention and control strategies; human health - this component aims to prevent a human influenza epidemic caused by HPAI, project management - this component will support the strengthening of public agencies for the coordination and management of the Project; and communication - this programme is cross-cutting and underpins both the animal health and human health components of the project.

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