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Climate Change Adaptation Program


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Project ID: P101076 | Project Status: Active


Abstract* last updated: 17-JUN-2010
The objective of the Climate Change Adaption (CCA) Project for Philippines is to develop and demonstrate approaches that would enable targeted communities to adapt to the potential impacts of climate variability and change. There are four components to the project, the first component being strengthening the enabling environment for climate change adaptation. This component supports the integration of climate change adaptation into the agriculture and natural resources sectors, and strengthens the capabilities of relevant government agencies. The second component is the demonstration of climate change adaptation strategies in the agriculture and natural resources sectors. This component helps poor rural communities, which are most at risk of climate change impacts, to adapt to the effects of climate change. It will demonstrate both tangible reductions in climate-related risks, and increased resilience to longer-term climate changes and climate-related disasters. The third component is the enhanced provision of scientific Information for climate risk management. This component improves the access of end users, especially in the agriculture and natural resources sectors, to more reliable scientific information that would enable more rapid and accurate decision making for climate risk management. Finally, the fourth component is the project coordination.

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