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World Bank Group Oral History Program interview transcripts.

This series contains interviews conducted through the various incarnations of the World Bank Group Oral History Program. Included are verbatim drafts, tapes, diskettes and the edited approved copies of oral histories from senior Bank staff on the Bank and their careers at the Bank from 1961 to the present. The series also includes legal agreements assigning all copyright interests to the Bank. This series contains the tapes, diskettes, verbatim drafts and edited, approved copies of oral histories of senior Bank staff. Interviewed by non-Bank historians and Bank Archives staff, the interviewees recount the main developments and events during their careers at the Bank.This series consists of three sub-groups, conforming to the three incarnations of the World Bank Group Oral History Program. The first group contains transcripts of tape recorded interviews conducted in 1961 by Robert Oliver from the Brookings Institution and later by Edward Mason and Robert Asher in connection with the writing of " The World Bank Since Bretton Woods, " the Brookings Institution, 1968. They were transcribed by the Oral History Research Office of Columbia University. Staff interviewed during this period include: S. Aldewereld; G. Alter; H. Larsen; J.C. de Wilde; E. Black; R.W. Cavanaugh; S.R. Cope; D.C. de Iongh; R. Demuth; W. Diamond; D. Fowler; R.L. Garner; W.F. Howell; A.M. Kamarck; J.B. Knapp; H. Larsen; A.F. Luxford; L. Machado; G. Martin; M.M. Hendels; H.B. Ripman; L. Rist; P. Rosenstein - Rodan; O.A. Schmidt; D. Sommers; A. Stevenson; R.A. Wheeler; H. GravesThe second group is composed of transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by the World Bank Group during the second revival of the Oral History Program from 1981 through 1989. Some of these interviews were conducted by Professors Oliver, Mason, and Asher, and others by World Bank Records Management and Archives staff members. Most interviews were with senior staff; other staff members are included due to their experience in various Bank Group programs and activities. Staff interviewed include M. Baig, D. Ballantine, W. Baum, K.Bohr, S. Boskey, A. Broches, A. Cairncross, R. Chaufournier, H.Chenery, W. Clark, R. Demuth, B. de Vries, W. Diamond, I. Friedman, D. Gordon, A. Kamarck, G. Kaplan, B. King, J.B. Knapp, J. Lee, P. Lieftinck, R. Nooter, S. Please, H. Prud ' homme, D.Rickett, C. Song, E. Stern, A. Storrar, J. Twining, M. Ul-Haq, V.Umbricht, R. Van Wagenen, A. Waterston, M. Weiner, M. Wolfe.The third group consists of transcripts of interviews conducted during the third incarnation of the World Bank Group ' s Oral History Program. The program was re-born in the Office of the Historian in 1993 (PAAOH), and transferred to the Archives (ISGIM) in 1999.
Entity ID: S4100
Content Level: SERIES
Bank Group Institution: IBRD
Originating Unit: DSD
FOND: Oral Histories
Series No: 4100
Start Date: 1961
End Date: *

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Originating Unit: DSD
FOND: Oral Histories