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The World Bank works with the following international institutions to improve the coordination of aid policies and practices in countries, at the regional level and at the global level:

Multilateral Development Banks

Multilateral Development Banks are institutions that provide financial support and professional advice for economic and social development activities in developing countries. The term Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) typically refers to the World Bank Group and these four Regional Development Banks:

These banks are characterized by a broad membership, including both borrowing developing countries and developed donor countries, and not limited to member countries from the region of a regional development bank. Each bank has its own independent legal and operational status, but with a similar mandate and a considerable number of joint owners, the MDBs maintain a high level of cooperation.

Multilateral Financial Institutions

Several other banks and funds that lend to developing countries are also identified as multilateral development institutions, and are often grouped together as other Multilateral Financial Institutions (MFIs). They differ from the MDBs in that they have a narrower ownership/membership structure and they focus on special sectors or activities. Among these are:

Sub-Regional Banks

A number of Sub-Regional Banks, established for development purposes, are also classified as multilateral banks, as they are owned by a group of countries (typically borrowing members and not donors). Among these are banks such as Corporacion Andina de Fomento; Caribbean Development Bank; Central American Bank for Economic Integration; East African Development Bank and West African Development Bank.

Aid Coordination Groups

The World Bank Group works in partnership with the development agencies of individual countries to better coordinate aid and to more effectively achieve development goals. Work is coordinated by various committees and consultations that take place throughout the year. See the Comprehensive Development Framework for more information on the Bank's work with aid coordination groups, some of which are listed here:

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