What are my career options

World Bank staff have the opportunity to define and seek their own career aspirations. Staff members typically have strong academic backgrounds, a broad understanding of development issues, and international work experience. Our diversity reflects the Bank's global membership, bringing a wide range of perspectives to bear on our poverty reduction work. Build a career that is truly worthwhile with the World Bank, the world’s leading international development organization.

The Bank is continually looking for experienced professionals - generally with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience -with a demonstrated record of professional and academic achievement (Masters or PhDs preferred). A broad understanding of development issues and international work experience, preferably at the policy level, is extremely beneficial. In addition to proficiency in English, language skills are often required in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

We have a multidisciplinary staff of more than 10,000 employees from more than 170 countries specializing in economics, public policy, international finance, education, energy, social sciences, environmental sciences, and many, many other fields. Our headquarters are in Washington, D.C., but more than a third of our staff is based in 100+ regional country offices worldwide.

A career with us is born of the Bank’s business imperative- to respond to ever-changing development needs by leveraging existing skills of Bank staff and deploying them alongside those of “best-in-market” new hires and recruits.

Competency frameworks have been developed for our managerial, professional/technical and administrative staff, which assists in staff recruiting and planning future career and aspirational goals. Read more about our Managerial, Professional and Technical and administrative career paths.