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Voices of the Poor


Hear Our Voices—The Poor on Poverty, a 30- minute documentary, gives voice to poor people in India, Brazil, Bosnia, Uganda and Mali


Press Releases

Poor People Endure Many Struggles; New Bank Study Cites Powerlessness And Domestic Violence--'Voices of the Poor' Volume II (9/21/00)

Powerlessness, Domestic Violence Mar Lives of Poor People, New Bank Study Says:'Voices of the Poor' Volume II (6/26/00)

'Voices of the Poor' New Study Offers Unique Human Insight Into Living With Poverty (3/14/00)


What People are Saying About Voices of the Poor
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 At the turn of the new millennium, the World Bank collected the voices of more than 60,000 poor women and men from 60 countries, in an unprecedented effort to understand poverty from the perspective of the poor themselves. Voices of the Poor, as this participatory research initiative is called, chronicles the struggles and aspirations of poor people for a life of dignity.

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