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East Asia & the Pacific

Poverty Analysis and Data Initiative (PADI)

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PADI, which stands for Poverty Analysis and Data Initiative, is a network of data producers, analysts and policy makers that had its original roots in East Asia.   PADI has organized a number of training activities in East and South Asia.  Now, the secretariat of this network is housed at the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC).  


China in the Age of Globalization

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In a little over a quarter of a century, economic reforms and openness have let to rapid economic growth and poverty reduction in China with her international trade soaring to reach $1.1 trillion in 2004 when China became the world’s third largest trading economy (WTO 2005, 16).  Policymakers and development practitioners the world over are wondering how.  In a recent NBER paper “China’s Embrace of Globalization”, Lee Branstetter and Nick Lardy (2006) provided an excellent overview of China&

Almost a free lunch: Lawrence Summers at the World Bank

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Lawrence Summers delivered today at the World Bank his presentation “Almost a Free Lunch: Investing Foreign Exchange Reserves in Global Equity Markets”, following similar presentations at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai or at the Center for Global Development in Washingt

Asia's Winds of Change

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The June issue of IMF's Finance and Development magazine is out. Focus is on Asia.


In Asia's Winds of Change, David Burton, Wanda Tseng, and Kenneth Kang analyze Asia's growth over the last 50 years, the crisis in the late 1990s and the new challenges of globalization.


This is their take on Growth and Poverty in Asia.