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Poverty Analysis

Geo, a new tool (still Beta) to provide easy access to country data, including projects, news and statistics.

Very useful.

Analysing and Achieving Pro-Poor Growth

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The latest issue of UNDP International Poverty Centre's journal, Poverty in Focus, is fully devoted to the analysis of pro-poor growth and its policy implications and results. The authors spell out and apply different definitions and measures in discussing various policy-related aspects of pro-poor growth.

Featured articles:

  • Global Estimates of Pro-Poor Growth, by Hyun H. Son

Online Atlas of the Millennium Development Goals

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Our colleagues from the Development Data Group at the World Bank have launched this online MDG Atlas.


Each map is supported by data tables, informative text, and charts in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.


Very useful, informative and easy to use. The option to have a map resized according to relative size of countries in relation to the various MDGs provides a very interesting and instant perspective.


Development Statistics can be fun

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The animated graphics prepared by Gapminder provide a nice explanation of the Human Development Trends, and make some of the frequently used development statistics more accessible.


Using these same tools Gapminder's founder, Hans Rosling, proves in a brilliant presentation at TED that development statistics can even be entertaining.


Poverty Analysis and Data Initiative (PADI)

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PADI, which stands for Poverty Analysis and Data Initiative, is a network of data producers, analysts and policy makers that had its original roots in East Asia.   PADI has organized a number of training activities in East and South Asia.  Now, the secretariat of this network is housed at the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC).