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The Interview: Cyprian Fisiy

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Exploring ideas, innovations and fresh approaches to our world is at the heart of the public sphere. People, Spaces, Deliberation brings you significant voices from academia and the practice of development through a series of interviews.

Providing public services must deliver reliable results because it's in the public interest. However, development practitioners may wonder whose interest is really at stake- the public's or the private sector's. "And there you find contestation of the public good and what you need to do differently," says Cyprian Fisiy, former Director of the Social Development Department in the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network.

Watch the full video for Cyprian's review of what it takes to be successful in development.
The Interview: Cyprian Fisiy

In our first video interview, Colum Garrity, Senior Knowledge and Learning Officer in the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network, interviews Cyprian Fisiy.

Mr. Fisiy joined the Bank in 1994 as a Social Scientist in the Africa Environment Sustainable Development Department and held various positions, including that of Lead Social Scientist, Africa Poverty Reduction and Social Development, and Sector Manager, East Asia and Pacific Sustainable Development Department before leading the Sustainable Development Network.

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